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Adelina Chalmers

The Geek Whisperer

Adelina transforms communication skills into algorithms, protocols and formulas engineers and scientists easily understand.

The first engineer Adelina helped with his communication skills became an entrepreneur who was skilled in pitching his ideas, and three years later became a multimillionaire.

Adelina also works with the University of Cambridge, helping engineers and scientists from across the world learn how to launch their innovative technology by partnering with industry.

One of Adelina's key skills that her clients love is that she can pitch to them their own ideas, on the spot, unrehearsed, and give them huge insights into their project and why, how and what to pitch.

Adelina has won numerous speaking competitions and speaks five languages fluently.

When engineers work with Adelina, they say:

"Adelina tailors sessions to people's needs and nails it. You leave with techniques you can apply straight away. Adelina is awesome! This course should be mandatory to all staff."

Antony Quinn

Software Developer Turned Actor

Antony is a Software Developer specialising in UX (User Experience) with improvised theatre expertise who in the training sessions helps re-play and recreate real work situations that are challenging to engineers.

Antony regularly helps Adelina at her workshops, playing the role of a software engineer or manager to help audiences practise the communication algorithms, protocols and formulas they learn. He uses his background in software development as well as improvised theatre and role play to build self-confidence, handle difficult conversations and reduce conflict by drawing on the real-work situations of participants. Because of his technology consultancy expertise, he understands the perspective of our audiences extremely well and helps them feel at ease.

When engineers work with Antony, they say:

"You really made me feel I was in that board room, being questioned by my managers. I was amazed how you were able to replicate the challenging situation I was in being questioned in a meeting."

Katherine Wiid

Language and Behavioural Coach

Katherine works only on a 1:1 basis with software engineers and scientists to make their points clearly and non-controversially in situations at work when the stakes are high.

Katherine is one of just 550 people in the world to have mastered the LAB Profile. This conversational tool helps her pinpoint what triggers people’s motivations and impacts how they come across and speak.

She continually develops her speaking, listening and feedback skills as an active member of Toastmasters International where she has won several speaking and evaluation speech contests. Katherine brings together her public speaking and language and behavioural coaching experience to increase working professionals’ self-awareness and influencing skills.

When engineers work with Katherine, they say:

“You helped me learn to listen and react to what the other person says so that I don’t talk over them”

“I now know how to build bridges when I’ve inadvertently upset my colleagues”

“I found myself spotting changes in my communication patterns and improvements in the way I was able to influence others after the coaching sessions - without having to remember to put in conscious effort!”

“I am now happier seeking out the individuality of others, appreciating their particular talents and finding some common ground on which to collaborate with them.”


The Geek Whisperer

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