Getting Product Leadership and Engineering to Speak the Same Language

Science and technology executives buy my services because they want:

Savings or increased revenue to the bottom line of an average of £1m-£5m

Engineering departments' performance improvement of 3x-6x

The engineering departments to get resources from the CEO/CFO/board

The typical problems arising from misalignment between engineering and product (and other departments) are:

Costly delays and inefficiency, leading to loss of customer contracts.

Entrenched behaviours leading to staff demotivation and staff retention issues.

Poor communication and soft skills leading to loss of staff engagement.

My name is Adelina Chalmers and I am known as The Geek Whisperer® because I help engineering understand the commercial aspects of business and vice versa, using straightforward language and techniques. I provide specific, practical ways to approach real work situations.

When mutual understanding and two-way communications improve, there are benefits across the board:

Leaders spend much less time resolving conflicts and can focus on their key tasks.

Cost savings result as managers are able to help engineering understand product.

Staff engagement and retention improves as they feel aligned with the business vision.

"I was initially very sceptical on how she could help, but Adelina cut through the bullshit and got down the essence of the issues and helped me understand how to improve. Wish I’d worked with you 20 years ago. "

Dan Cowell, CEO, Psyomics

"Adelina's course had the most positive impact on me out of all the soft skills courses I went on. Based on my team's and manager's feedback, they perceive me as more patient and less blunt than before."

Patrick Wohlschlegel, SPM, ARM

"Engineers have become much more aware of others' perspectives. Team conversations feel much more collaborative and understanding of the business needs. I highly recommend Adelina's practical training."

Paul Aykroyd, VPE, Speechmatics

Surgical precision one to one sessions with key people who can drive change.

Article with techniques + 60 Min Live Experiential Learning sessions 100% Co-Designed with the audience

Group Training, face to face or online 100% co-designed with the audience

The Eternal Fight Between Sales and Tech:

Does it feel like your sales team are selling impossible tech you can't deliver? Sam Dods was the tech MD in his engineering company and had the same problem. Hear how he kept fighting with his sales director and how it started impacting on the company, people started leaving and dreading team/board meetings. Hear what was happening in the back of his mind and why he was becoming more and more entrenched!

What Cambridge University professors say about us:

"Adelina gave me some really good advice which has changed the way I deliver presentations now. She provided me with a clear structure of what to do and clear tools to implement that structure. Adelina's approach is very focused and very structured and outcome oriented. "

Prof Tim Minshall, University of Cambridge

What we say leaders can do to gain engineers' trust:

An engineer said to me in a one to one session: "I can't admit I'm wrong, I can't admit I don't know something. I have never seen my boss, my CEO, CTO or the Head of Engineering ever admit they are wrong, so why would I?"

Why Leaders Should Admit when They are Wrong,

Adelina Chalmers

What we do, pitched in one minute at #OnetoWatch

"Engineers and Scientists often clash with leaders and investors. Engineers think about functions, leaders and investors think about finance. I'm The Geek Whisperer who translates soft skills into algorithms."

How Engineers and Scientists Clash with leaders and Investors,

Adelina Chalmers

Two CEOs, one start-up:

This video shows some of the problems start-ups get when they have one founder who has lots of ideas and one founder who worries about the detail.

Can you zoom out for me?

If you are an engineer or a scientist and your executive has asked you: "Can you please zoom out for me?" or said to you: "Can you please go two levels up?" - here's what they meant.

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