Getting Buy-in

If you notice misalignment between your engineers and those working with them, we should talk.

I counsel engineers who are executives on how to influence peers and staff.

I train engineers in how to communicate with leaders and commercial staff.

"Adelina's technique on pitching for investment has helped me secure several millions of pounds for our business and in one year we have grown from zero to 15 employees and a 27,000 sqf factory in Cambridge, UK.

The key to her training is that she pitched back to me my business and this gave me immediate, huge clarity on how I should pitch. I also pitched and won the Cambridge News Business Innovation Award."

Jerome Joaug, Angel/VC Investor, former MD Cambridge Nanosystems

"Adelina's course had the most positive impact on me out of all the soft skills courses I went on.

A theoretical course gives you awareness. A practical course (such as Adelina's training) gives you more.

It gave me a workable method I still reuse in real life. Based on my team's and manager's feedback, they perceive me as more patient and less blunt than before."

Patrick Wohlschlegel, Senior Product Manager, ARM

"When preparing our presentation for the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards, Adelina really helped me cut through the noise and get to the core of the problem our product is addressing.

This gave us an arresting opening for the pitch, and it worked like a charm — we came home with the Award for Business Innovation! "

Rob Hague, CTO, Cydar

Why it works for Engineers

I transform soft skills, like influencing, presentation and collaboration skills, into algorithms that enable engineers to clarify their position. I also help them to understand the perspective and priorities of the people with whom they work.

Why it works for Leaders

I give them practical tips and techniques on how to communicate with their peers in other departments and with their teams. I also help them simulate challenging situations and learn how to handle these differently using the new tools I teach them.

About The Geek Whisperer

My name is Adelina Chalmers and I am known as The Geek Whisperer.

The name "Geek Whisperer" came from someone who observed me talking and working with engineers who said: "I have never seen anyone connect with engineers like this. It's like you are a geek whisperer." I loved the name and decided to take it on.

I love engineers. I love enabling collaboration between engineers (at all levels) and those working with them. I have been working with engineers since 2012 and I have 100% recommendation from all my training with them. 95% of my friends are engineers. From my experience, 90% of the challenges I see in companies stem from people listening to respond, not listening to understand. I seek to change this by helping both engineers and those working with them understand each other and their priorities so they can work happily and productively together.

My clients include: ARM, Cambridge University, McKesson.

Want to discuss a challenge?

The Geek Whisperer

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