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Tim Moore

“Adelina helped me secure significant development budget for a breakthrough product range from a highly commercial focused board. I had previously tried over a number of months to get the innovation approved, but only when I changed the approach to Adelina's recommendation, I was able to shift the mind-set of the board and get them to buy into the vision and support the development.”

Tim Moore, former CTO at Shark Ninja and GHD

“As a relatively new VPE I've found it challenging to make the IC (individual contributor) transition at times and to feel confident that I'm adding value. However, Adelina's help, guidance and insight have been invaluable and all achieved within one week! I feel invigorated again with the role and looking forward to moving forward with the plans set out.”

Rich Reeves, VP Engineering, Netwealth

"I was initially very sceptical on how she could help, but Adelina  cut through the bullshit and got down the essence of the issues and helped me understand how to improve. Wish I’d worked with you 20 years ago. " 

Dan Cowell, NED, former COO Horizon Discovery

"We saved 6 months of delays in change roll-out costing the company and c£15m in staff time and resources. Prevented the loss of 11 key engineers."

VP Engineering in 3,000 FTE hardware group in FTSE100 company

"We were able to bring the cost of engineering during releases from 100 to 20 engineering days. The engineering cost went down from $130,000 to $26,000. The release process time was halved, from one month to 10 working days, or one sprint."

Project Manager in a hardware design company with 6,000+ employees

 "Testing time was decreased by 6x and the release process halved to 2 weeks. The client estimates that his company avoided further wastage of £1-2m."

Director of Engineering in a global software/hardware design company, running a team of 2,000 people

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