The Myth of the Ideas that Sell Themselves

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An engineer said to me last month: "I want you to teach me how to get my idea to sell itself, so I don't have to do it".

The only way an idea sells itself is if it is constructed in response to a very clear need the audience has or in response to an existing perspective of the audience.

The saying: "this idea will sell itself" somehow gave people the impression they don't have to sell it.

The only way an idea will sell itself is if you researched, read and listened to the people to whom you want to sell this idea and you understand their perspective to such an extent, the way you construct the idea, you know it will fit perfectly with their needs and views.

There is a little structure which helps you sell an idea though (in this order):

Tell them WHY this idea has been created (the need/problem your audience has, not you)

Tell them HOW it impacts/manifests at the moment, the struggles you have noticed because of the problem above and how you reached the conclusion this is the right idea)

Tell them WHAT the idea is - describe it in such specific terms, they are able to imagine themselves doing it.

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