Ben Chalmers

With twenty years of software development experience, and leadership roles at both enterprise and B2C companies, Ben has driven engineering and hiring process improvement, corporate restructuring, and lean / agile transformation. Ben was Director of Client Engineering at ExpressVPN and Kape, overseeing multiple teams of engineers, leading a management team and an engineering tribe and had responsibility for the development and release of a suite of twenty customer facing client applications used by millions of consumer customers worldwide.

Indicative Experience

Engineer at Citrix, Progress Software, Solarflare, Cambridge Neurodynamics and FutureTV working on a range of products including Digital Television Set Top Boxes and Video Servers, Automatic Numberplate Recognition, VIdeo and Audio Capture and Storage, Image Analysis, Device Drivers for Linux and Windows, TCP/IP Stacks, Complex Event Processing Software, Trading Frameworks and Hypervisors

Engineering Leader at ExpressVPN/Kape (B2C security companies) and Citrix (Enterprise B2B). Experience in office, remote and hybrid leadership styles, working with local and globally distributed teams.

Led Citrix UK Lean Innovation Programme, including training and mentoring software engineers, data engineers and designers in lean startup techniques, leading to the funding development of unique wellness features for Citrix products.

Driver of Agile transformation at Citrix, training executives, managers and engineers in agile techniques and SAFe. Member of the Citrix Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence (LACE) overseeing the operation of SAFe within Citrix.

Designed and led significant improvement in ExpressVPN hiring of engineers and engineering management.

Specific Expertise

Software Engineering Management

  • Remote / Global Management

  • Process Development

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Lean Methodologies

  • Change Management

  • Organisational Structure

  • Recruitment

  • Innovation

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Training

Software Engineering

  • Systems

  • Cloud Applications

  • Desktop Applications

  • Hypervisors

  • Embedded

  • Device Drivers

  • Windows / Linux

  • Networking

  • Video

  • Event Processing

Career Highlights

2021-2022 Director of Client Application, Express VPN

2019-2021 Engineering Manager, Citrix : Manager of Core Hypervisor & Open Source teams

2010-2019 Staff Software Engineer, Citrix : XenServer Hypervisor Division