Feel demotivated after receiving negative feedback?

Have you received negative feedback via your Line Manager and you wonder who said it?

Did you ask: "What are the feedback details?" and you were told: "We can't relay that kind of information"...?

Come to this session if you'd like to be able to:

Respond in a constructive way to your Line Manager

Ask them questions so you can move from "Needs Improvement" to "Outstanding"

Practise receiving and responding to negative feedback in the safety of a 100% group practise session.

"This training has honestly been so amazing!

I was able to implement some techniques immediately after the 121 session and felt much more in control in challenging meetings when before I might have reacted on the spot and come across as uncooperative.

This course is interactive, Adelina makes it all really exciting, relaxed and definitely gets the best out of people because they can be themselves. The honesty and authenticity in the room was palpable. I left feeling on a cloud!"

Donna Fiddeman, Supply Chain Specialist, ARM