I am a Scientist or Engineer Who Has Been Recently Promoted

We don't do coaching. We give you clear answers to real work challenges and concrete actions, instead of “being coached to get there on your own".

  • How to get your teams to work on what the business needs, not what they think is right?
  • How to help your tech teams to get out of the rabbit hole during project discussions?
  • How to negotiate for more resources for my project, within my company?
  • How to empower your teams to give you honest feedback?
  • How to line manage and lead former peers?
  • How to respond to an emotional reaction to feedback?
  • "Can we have a word" - How to respond when ambushed in an unplanned one to one meeting?
  • How to discuss poor performance without getting a defensive response from staff?
  • How to say "no" without being labelled as "abrasive" or "aggressive"?

I Would Like Soft Skills Training for My New Tech Team

We make our courses irresistible to geeks by relating them directly to the world as they see it. You don't have to coerce them into going to this soft skills training.

  • Leaders never listen: How to get your boss to agree to refactor and reorganise the code? (i.e. enabling geeks to understand your targets and priorities as a business leader and how to make a business case for their request.)
  • How to deliver an end of sprint demo your leaders appreciate? (i.e. presenting sprint demos in a way that everyone understands.)
  • How to get other engineers to take on my methodology? (i.e. influencing skills)
  • Unappreciated for being honest, how to tell them it won't work? (i.e. teaching geeks collaboration skills)
  • How to respond to negative feedback? (i.e. enabling your tech teams to understand how to respond constructively to feedback from you and their peers)
  • How to respond when others dispute your proposals? (i.e. helping tech teams understand others' priorities and perspectives.)

Here are the tools:

One to One Confidential Sessions:

debugging real work situations.

90 min or 3 hour Interactive Group Sessions:

learn simple tools that apply straight away.

Retrospective Soft Skills Workshop:

what worked and what did not work and why.

"Adelina gave me some really good advice which has changed the way I deliver presentations now. She provided me with a clear structure of what to do and clear tools to implement that structure. Adelina's approach is very focused and very structured and outcome oriented. "

Prof Tim Minshall, University of Cambridge