Courses for Your Tech Teams

We make our courses irresistible to geeks by relating them directly to the world as they see it. You don't have to coerce them into going to this soft skills training.

  • How to convince others to take on your ideas? (i.e. Enabling scientists and engineers to communicate effectively with each other and other departments.)
  • How to get your boss to appreciate your work during team updates? (i.e. they learn to summarise an hour of information into 5 minutes for you, their boss.)
  • How to tell others they are wrong? (i.e. collaboration skills and giving and receiving constructive feedback.)
  • How to give feedback to colleagues when you have a strained relationship with them? (i.e. giving feedback to colleagues after previously they offended them.)
  • How to lead project debriefs without leading into blame and arguments? (i.e. retrospective and meeting facilitation skills.)
  • How to deliver an end of sprint demo your leaders appreciate? (i.e. presenting sprint demos in a way that everyone understands.)

Counsel for You and The C-Suite

We don't do coaching. We give you clear answers to real work challenges and concrete actions, instead of “being coached to get there on your own".

  • How to empower engineering and research teams to take ownership and drive your vision?
  • How to negotiate for more resources for my project, within my company?
  • How to empower your teams to give you honest feedback?
  • How to get your teams to think about business objectives when making decisions?
  • How to line manage and lead former peers?
  • How to respond to an emotional reaction to feedback?
  • "Can we have a word" - How to respond when ambushed in an unplanned one to one meeting?
  • How to discuss poor performance without getting a defensive response from staff?
  • How to prevent a defensive reaction from C-Level peers and teams when I disagree with them?

Here are the tools:

One to One Confidential Sessions:

debugging real work situations.

90 min or 3 hour Interactive Group Sessions:

learn simple tools that apply straight away.

Company Culture Pulse Report with Actionable Tools:

discover what your engineers really think.

An engineer said to me in a one to one session: "I can't admit I'm wrong, I can't admit I don't know something. I have never seen my boss, my CEO, CTO or the Head of Engineering ever admit they are wrong, so why would I?"

Why Leaders Should Admit when They are Wrong,

Adelina Chalmers