"Perspectives" as a Collaboration Tool

When pitching an idea or if you want to make a compelling argument to someone, the Pitching Algorithm says you need to identify:

  • Step 1. What Do You Want?
  • Step 2. What Do THEY Want? (The people with whom you want to collaborate.)

You can not move to Step 3 without answering Step 2.

When we deliver training we often discover that people don't understand the perspective of the people they are trying to persuade, therefore it is hard for them to make a compelling argument/pitch as Step 2 lacks information.

We decided to feature people in different jobs and their perspectives to help people understand others' perspectives so they are able to collaborate easier.

The Perspective of a...

"Convince me your idea is relevant to the product specification that we have agreed on. Have data or a clear justification for the changes you ask, as doing work in one area means saying "no" to work somewhere else..."

"I am more likely to buy into proposals when there is an existing problem that the idea would solve, a customer need, a tangible path to adoption and the proposal is well-documented..."

"In the case of buying new licenses, I have to be convinced on the return on investment. A common mistake people make is that they get too wrapped up in the technical details and forget about the commercial aspect of the decision..."

“Give me the briefing in 5 minutes and stick to the facts. Tell me what stage we reached, what problem are we trying to solve, what is the solution, what are the issues about this solution. Remember why you are there – why am I here, what are we trying to achieve.”