Donna Fiddeman

"This training has honestly been so amazing!

I was able to implement some techniques immediately after the 121 session and felt much more in control in challenging meetings when before I might have reacted on the spot and come across as uncooperative.

This course is interactive, Adelina makes it all really exciting, relaxed and definitely gets the best out of people because they can be themselves. The honesty and authenticity in the room was palpable. I left feeling on a cloud!"

Donna Fiddeman, Supply Chain Specialist, ARM

Patrick Wohlschlegel

"I realised I was expressing disagreement in a negative and demotivating way.

Adelina's course had the most positive impact on me out of all the soft skills courses I went on.

Somehow, Adelina has managed to make me become much more conscious. When "my old self" is tempted to be negative, I now have alarm bells ringing that turn me into an inquisitive person instead. And discussions go much better.

To me, the big added value about her training is that it's more than theory. A theoretical course gives you awareness. A practical course (such as Adelina's training) gives you more. It gave me a workable method I still reuse in real life. Based on my team's and manager's feedback, they perceive me as more patient and less blunt than before."

Patrick Wohlschlegel, Senior Product Manager, ARM

"Since the training, I have been considering more deliberately the perspective of my audience, and how to explain the benefits of what I am asking. We have a project to improve the product release notes that we give to our customers. We had a positive reception from important project managers and engineers, who responded promptly and helpfully. Thank you, Adelina!"

Robin Forder, Technical Author, ARM