“Due to the complexity of our offering, we were having problems putting the message across to our potential clients. We have a much better offer than everybody else in the marketplace but were failing to successfully explain that. Adelina was fantastic at helping me to identify what key points of our corporate message were important and which ones were superfluous and caused a loss of quality of the overall message. Now we have a straight to the point, easy and highly marketable message to deliver to any of our potential customers.”

Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO, Syndicate Room

"Adelina showed me how my presentation was conveying a different message than what I had intended. She helped me realise the underlying concern of my audience and how to address that. She taught me an effective flow for pitching ideas, which has enabled me to be much clearer about the way I present my proposals. "

Nana Aaltonen, Director of Change, ARM

"You don't realise how unclear your pitch is until you work with Adelina. She helped me identify exactly what to put in the pitch, how to structure and remember it without notes or memorisation. I pitched at a USAID event in Malawi and people told me I has the best of the 50 pitches! Working with Adelina saved me a lot of time and now I can pitch anytime and I don't even have to memorise it or use notes."

Alexandra Grigore, Director of Innovation, Simprints

"The techniques Adelina taught us made an instant improvement in how I communicated at work.

I can now speak clearly and convincingly on any subject and all it took was a couple of hours in a single workshop. "

Paul McGrath, Senior Software Engineer, Compare the Market

"During the group session, I was impressed how one of our colleagues realised they lacked empathy. Before the course, I used to think primarily logically about the problem and I realised that I didn't sufficiently take the empathy element into account. Adelina's training helped me take into account the perspective of the person I am trying to convince before "downloading" my thoughts and ideas onto them ...and conversations run smoother. "

Will Williams, Machine Learning Engineer, Speechmatics

"Before this training, they were either not interested or saw my ideas as being imposed on them! It was not their solution.

Adelina helped me see the difference in perspectives between manager and engineers. This knowledge, together with her techniques, enabled me to pivot my pitch to get buy-in from engineers. After the pitch, I had a couple of engineers offering solutions and asking me to lead on a challenge."

Jayant Lavankar, Project Manager, ARM

I never expect much from soft skills training but during this one I had two distinct "why haven't I thought of this before?" moments providing noticeable improvement of my understanding how human interaction works.

Not a small feat for a stereotypical geek...”

Pawel Moll, Principal Engineer, ARM

Patrick Wohlschlegel

"I realised I was expressing disagreement in a negative and demotivating way.

Adelina's course had the most positive impact on me out of all the soft skills courses I went on.

Somehow, Adelina has managed to make me become much more conscious. And discussions go much better. To me, the big added value about her training is that it's more than theory. A theoretical course gives you awareness. A practical course (such as Adelina's training) gives you more. It gave me a workable method I still reuse in real life. Based on my team's and manager's feedback, they perceive me as more patient and less blunt than before."

Patrick Wohlschlegel, Senior Product Manager, ARM

Donna Fiddeman

"This training has honestly been so amazing!

I was able to implement some techniques immediately after the 121 session and felt much more in control in challenging meetings when before I might have reacted on the spot and come across as uncooperative.

This course is interactive, Adelina makes it all really exciting, relaxed and definitely gets the best out of people because they can be themselves. The honesty and authenticity in the room was palpable. I left feeling on a cloud!"

Donna Fiddeman, Supply Chain Specialist, ARM

"I was pleasantly surprised with her no nonsense approach to communication. She was able to assess very quickly every trainee’s communication style and identify what individual blind spots might have prevented them from being effective in their communication. I love the simple and easy to use speaking formulas she can give each person, to tackle their individual blind spots. I can see why she is known as the geek whisperer!"

Mariapaola Sorrentino, Scrum Master, Speechmatics

"Adelina illustrated how the theory applies to me and my work - during training we applied the techniques on real work situations. I now know how to speak about our work in a way that will make clients see the immediate benefit of buying from us. Now I feel confident about structuring presentations, talking in sales meetings and how to get the most out of networking events."

Gemma Rippengale, Senior Executive, AND Technology Research Ltd

"My team and I are now communicating the same consistent message to prospective clients which is something I felt we lacked before the training. I now feel confident about engaging clients, without overwhelming them! It was delightful to see my team practising talking to potential clients and seeing them improve during the session itself."

Vijay Thampy, Senior Product Manager, Workshare

"I'm a physicist. During the workshop ran by Adelina on networking, I got exactly what I was looking for: tools on how to begin and expand a professional conversation in a natural way. The workshop was fun, engaging and hands on, and Adelina's enthusiasm and passion for communication is catchy! I now I feel confident when networking because I know how to start, continue and end a business networking conversation which could open business opportunities!"

Anibal L. Gonzalez Oyarce, Data Scientist, Agency for Science, Technology and Research

"Adelina's training was very focused and systematically worked through all of the specific issues I raised in the interview before the session. Before the training I was wondering if this was going to be yet another session where I learn nothing practical or relevant to my work, but Adelina's session was 20% theory and 80% practise on actual presentations I have to deliver, and now I know how the theory practically applies to all my future presentations."

David Jones-Stanley, Workforce Solutions Operations Manager, McKesson

"Adelina's techniques on giving feedback transformed the way the scientists gave feedback not only to us but also to their own teams.

Subsequently their feedback was much more constructive and enabled them to work much better together. It is incredible how such simple techniques can make all the difference!"

Brian Corbett, CEO, Entropic (acquired by Microsoft)

"She helped me see how I could transform even the most complex issues into a winning presentation and deliver it with confidence and conviction. By applying Adelina’s techniques I have been able to structure and deliver presentations to elicit the response I want from the audience, which was not previously always the case."

Penny Maplestone, Chief Executive, British Society of Plant Breeders

"Adelina's process on how to present to difficult teams to get them to approve and take ownership of new ideas is extremely simple yet so effective. What I love about it is that it is based on how the brain works and people's way of processing information! The Geek in me loved the process/equation style which is easy to implement."

Cathy Sorbara, COO, The Cheeky Scientist (San Francisco, USA)

“Adelina has a unique ability to see an alternative way to address communications challenges and can offer techniques which make sense and offer a constructive way forward. Her guidance enabled me to address an issue which I needed to resolve when previously I didn't even know how to begin the conversation. Thank you!”

Helen Dighton, Head of Sales, Encocam Limited