How to Deliver Soft Skills Training to Engineers

Training for HR/L&D Managers/Business Partners who deliver soft skills training in house to engineers.

How to Get Buy-in from Engineers

Training for both engineers and commercial staff who have to influence engineers.

How to Respond when Challenged and Interrupted

Training for both engineers and commercial staff whose mind goes blank when they get questions after a presentation or in meetings.

Unappreciated for Being Honest - How to Tell Them: "It Won't Work"

Training for both engineers and commercial staff / managers who are often told they shoot down ideas.

Feel demotivated after receiving negative feedback?

Training for engineers or any staff who has received negative feedback and want to know how to move forward constructively.

How to Give Feedback that Reflects Your Expert Knowledge

Training for engineers who want their feedback to be appreciated by colleagues.

How to Convince Managers to Take on Your Ideas

Training for engineers who want their managers' support for their ideas.

How to Pitch a Difficult Project to Engineers

Training for managers / commercial staff of engineers who want engineers' support.

How to Give Bad News to Your Senior Executive

Training for Managers and Senior Managers who convey problems during project updates to their Executives

How to Deliver Negative Feedback Positively to Your Direct Reports

Training for Line Managers who are worried and avoid having difficult meetings with their staff

The Appreciation Algorithm - How to Respond when Engineers Dispute Your Suggestion

Training for engineers who want to know how to respond when they get push-back to their ideas.

How to Communicate with Engineers?

Training for Internal communications, business partners, project & project managers, and leaders of engineers who want a practical before/after of their message.

How to Prove Others They Are Wrong

Training for engineers and leaders who want to enable others to understand their perspective.

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